Carta Petit Bistró El Tossal



  • Sandwich Club 9.50 €

    With ham, bacon, chicken, cheese, tomato, mixed leaf, a light touch of citrus mayonnaise.

  • Mix Sandwich 4.20 €

    With delicious slices of braised ham and double cheese melted.

The Platters

  • Platter of artisan cheeses 16.00 €

    With a basket of toasts, bagels and jams.

  • Platter of Iberian ham 17.00 €

    With charcoal toasted bread, “picual” olive oil and Maldon salt.

The free range organic eggs

  • Potato omelette 9.90 €

    With Padrón peppers and chorizo

  • Fried eggs, organic with ham and foie (optional) 11.90 € / 14.90 € con foie

    With confited potatoes, iberia ham slices, grilled fresh liver duck medallion and black Himalayan salt and eggs.

Nibble and taste

  • Gourmet Croquettes 8.90 €

    Degustation of a variety of croquettes, Iberian ham, Majorcan sobrasada ( cured meat), Mahon cheese, garlic prawns, chorizo sausage and citrus mayonnaise

  • Fried potato bravas 7.10 €

    Two-times cooked potatoes with homemade tomato sauce and safron all-i-oli.

  • Mussels 12.00 €

    Mussels / Cloxin steam with white vermouth, citrus butter and fresh basil.

  • Grilled Octupus 12.00 €

    With peppers oil and parmetier grilled potatoes


  • Vegetable wok 11.00 €
  • Chicken Wok 11.50 €


  • Pappardelle of fresh egg pasta 14.00 €

    With sage butter, pecorino cheese and grated black truffle. truffle.

  • Spaghetti bolognese 11.90 €

    Spaghetti is encouraged with a delicious beef tenderloin and Iberian lean hash with red wine.

  • Vegetable lasagna 11.90 €

    With mushroom cream and white truffle oil .

  • Vegetable manicotti 11.90 €

    Vegetable manicotti


  • Truffled 10.90 €

    Creamy rice with sauteed mushrooms, white wine, truffle and parmesan.

  • Iberian 11.90 €

    Creamy rice with sauteed mushrooms, Iberian cheek, white wine, Iberian ham and parmesan.

  • Farmer 11.90 €

    Creamy rice with sauteed mushrooms, roasted vegetables and green asparagus.


Mínimo 2 personas

  • Valencian Paella 12.00 €

    Price per person

  • Seafood Paella 13.00 €

    Price per person

  • Mellow rice with foie gras, mushrooms and duck 14.00 €

    Price per person

  • Senyoret paella with peeled seafood 13.00 €

    Price per person


  • Carbonara 11.90 €

    Base of fresh cream and emmental cheese, with delicious slices of smoked guanciale slices, creamy brie cheese dice, onion confit with port, a light touch of Jamaican pepper and nutmeg grated.

  • Four Cheeses 11.90 €

    Base of fresh cream and emmental cheese, with a sumptuous mix of cheeses, topped with a light touch of Jamaican pepper and smoked salt.

  • Romana 11.90 €

    Fresh tomato pulp and mozzarella fior di latte with fresh portobello mushroom and thin slices of braised ham, topped with a light touch of Jamaican pepper and emmental cheese.

  • Toscana 11.90 €

    Base of pulp of fresh tomato and mozzarella milk cream with slices of chorizo and red onion, crowned by a slight touch of Jamaican pepper and a few drops aromatized with garlic of picual olive oil.

  • Vegetarian 12.90 €

    Fresh tomato pulp and mozzarella fior di latte with fresh vegetables roasted with charcoal, roasted pine nuts, pesto genovese and topped with sweet peppers of standard, fresh basil leaves, a few drops of picual olive oil and a light touch of Viking salt smoked.

  • Petit Bistro 13.90 €

    Fresh cream base, pumpkin and mozzarella fior di latte with delicate leaves of sichuan, topped with intense goat’s cheese, brandy raisins, a light touch of sichuan pepper, a few drops of arbequina olive oil and black Himalayan salt.


  • Beef fillet steak 17.90 €

    60 days of curing and 250gr grilled with potatoes and stilton cream

  • Pibil mexican pork cheek tacos 13.90 €

    Delicious cheeks cooked in a wood-fired oven with Mexican spices, accompanied by subtle tortillas of corn, guacamole and fresh cream, topped with a light touch of fresh cilantro.

  • Roast lamb 14.90 €

    Juicy roast lamb roasted at low temperature with cous-cous spaced, peppermint cream and prunes.

  • Grilled chicken 11.90 €

    Grilled chicken with sauteed vegetables an Stiltom sauce


  • Beach squid 14.30 €

    With citrus mayonnaise, saffron alioli, soy sauce and picual oil spheres.

  • Salmon with vegetables 14.30 €

    Supreme grilled salmon with sauteed vegetables and a light japanese soybean vinaigrette and picual oil.

  • Gratinated cod 14.90 €

    Crusted with saffron ali-oli and black Himalayan salt.


  • Special Burger 12.50 €

    200gr Beef Burguer With Melted Provolone, Double Ration Of Crispy Bacon, Caramelised Onion, Lettuce Tomato, Pickles & Our Own Special Sauce.

  • Classic Burger 9.50 €

    Our Classic 130gr Hamburger With Melted Monterrey Jack Cheese, Double Ration Of Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, Red Onion, Pickles & Mayonnaise

For the little ones in the family

  • Spaghetti 8.50 €

    With tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.

  • Burger 6.50 €

    Burguer with meltred cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonaise

  • Ham and cheese pizza 9.50 €

    Pulp of fresh tomato and mozzarella with ham.


  • homemade tiramisu 5.50 €
  • Cheese cake with blueberries 5.50 €

    Cheese cake with homemade blueberries

  • Cheese cake with raspberry 5.50 €

    Cheese cake homemade raspberry

  • Chocolate gluten-free coulant 5.90 €

    With vanilla ice cream.

  • Vegetarian carrot cake 5.50 €
  • Homemade sponge cake with chocolate & mocha 5.50 €

Ice Creams

  • Ice Cream 5.50 €

    Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or nougar

  • Superchoco sundae 6.50 €
  • Strawberry sundae 6.50 €